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The Robinson Music Library is constantly updating its collections of books, scores, and media for the use of CIM faculty and students. Select one of the tabs below to view recent additions to our collections.
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Neoclassical Music in America : voices of clarity and restraint - R. James Tobin
Call Number: ML200.5.T554n
ISBN: 9780810884397
Publication Date: 2014-07-02
From the 1920s to the 1950s, neoclassicism was one of the dominant movements in American music. Today this music is largely in eclipse, mostly absent in performance and even from accounts of music history, in spite of--and initially because of--its adherence to an expanded tonality. No previous book has focused on the nature and scope of this musical tradition. Neoclassical Music in America: Voices of Clarity and Restraint makes clear what neoclassicism was, how it emerged in America, and what happened to it. Music reviewer and scholar, R. James Tobin argues that efforts to define musical neoclassicism as a style largely fail because of the stylistic diversity of the music that fall within its scope. However, neoclassicists as different from one another as the influential Igor Stravinsky and Paul Hindemith did have a classical aesthetic in common, the basic characteristics of which extend to other neoclassicists This study focuses, in particular, on a group of interrelated neoclassical American composers who came to full maturity in the 1940s. These included Harvard professor Walter Piston, who had studied in France in the 1920s; Harold Shapero, the most traditional of the group; Irving Fine and Arthur Berger, his colleagues at Brandeis; Lukas Foss, later an experimentalist composer whose origins lay in neoclassicism of the 1940s; Alexei Haieff, and Ingolf Dahl, both close associates of Stravinsky; and others. Tobin surveys the careers of these figures, drawing especially on early reviews of performances before offering his own critical assessment of individual works. Adventurous collectors of recordings, performing musicians, concert and broadcasting programmers, as well as music and cultural historians and those interested in musical aesthetics, will find much of interest here. Dates of composition, approximate duration of individual works, and discographies add to the work's reference value [Publisher description]

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Leonard Bernstein and His Young People's Concerts - Alicia Kopfstein-Penk
Call Number: ML410.Be458 K838L
ISBN: 9780810888494
Publication Date: 2015-01-22
CONTENTS: Background : who, when, and how -- Decisions : topics, pieces, and performers -- The postmodernist : highbrow, lowbrow, and middlebrow joined -- The television pioneer : origins, competition, success -- The pacifist : the cold war intrudes -- The liberal : civil rights, feminism, and the counterculture -- The musical reactionary : atonality versus tonality or composer versus audience -- The advocate for American music : search for an American identity

After Mahler's death - ed. Gerold Gruber, others
Call Number: ML410.M278 Af89
ISBN: 9788024436654
Publication Date: 2013
12 articles examine the reception, influence, performance, and use in film of the music of Mahler in the 100 years since his death. With an introduction. Music examples. Black & white photos.

Cover Art
Beethoven : anguish and triumph - Jan Swafford
Call Number: ML410.Be393 Sw12b
ISBN: 9780618054749
Publication Date: 2014-08-05
Jan Swafford's biographies of Charles Ives and Johannes Brahms have established him as a revered music historian, capable of bringing his subjects vibrantly to life. His magnificent new biography of Ludwig van Beethoven peels away layers of legend to get to the living, breathing human being who composed some of the world's most iconic music. Swafford mines sources never before used in English-language biographies to reanimate the revolutionary ferment of Enlightenment-era Bonn, where Beethoven grew up and imbibed the ideas that would shape all of his future work. Swafford then tracks his subject to Vienna, capital of European music, where Beethoven built his career in the face of critical incomprehension, crippling ill health, romantic rejection, and "fate's hammer," his ever-encroaching deafness. Throughout, Swafford offers insightful readings of Beethoven's key works [Publisher description]

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The Scoring of Early Classical Concertos, 1750-1780 - Richard Maunder
Call Number: ML1263.M444sce
ISBN: 9781843838937
Publication Date: 2014-03-20
This is the sequel to Richard Maunder's 'The scoring of Baroque concertos' (Boydell, 2004), now covering the period 1750-80, a time when the concerto was evolving from the baroque version, typically played one-to-a part, towards the later, more 'orchestral' style - though even in 1780 an ensemble with more than pairs of string players would have been unusual. The book is organized on geographical lines, and there is a detailed discussion of the music itself and of the original parts as evidence of the performance practice of the period. Far more concertos are being written than in the Baroque period, and they are becoming longer and more richly scored. 1780 marks something of a watershed: it is within a year or two of the deaths of such composers as Arne, J.C. Bach, Holzbauer, Myslivecek, G.B. Sammartini and Wagenseil, and also roughly coincides with the demise of the Mannheim court orchestra and its re-establishment in Munich, Mozart's move from Salzburg to Vienna, and the start of what might be called the 'fortepiano era' in the city

Cover Art
Interpreting Historical Keyboard Music - Andrew Woolley; John Kitchen
Call Number: ML549.In8
ISBN: 9781409464266
Publication Date: 2013-11-06
ts Some aspects of P-Cug, MM 242 / Filipe Mesquita de Oliveira -- Making connections / David J. Smith -- William Byrd's My Ladye Nevells booke (1591) / Walter Kurt Kreyszig -- Giovanni Maria Trabaci and the new manner of inganni / Massimiliano Guido -- Places of memory and invention / Christine Jeanneret -- The Libro di Fra Gioseffo da Ravenna / Barbara Cipollone -- A discourse of styles / Terence Charlston -- Questions of keyboard temperament in the sixteenth century / John Koster -- Seventeenth-century harpsichords / Peter Mole -- In playing those bells, his amazing dexterity raised my wonder much higher / Carl van Eyndhoven -- Dynamics and orchestral effects in late eighteenth-century Portuguese organ music / João Vaz -- Czerny and the organ / Iain Quinn -- Some reflections on François Couperin's 'new and diversified character' / Jane Clark -- Music for connoisseurs and amateurs / Susan Wollenberg -- João Cordeiro da Silva (1735-1808?) / Mário Marques Trilha -- Grand and grander / Tilman Skowroneck and Andrew Pinnock -- Left hand techniques in Carl Czerny's pedagogical piano works and nineteenth-century pianism / Katherine Wong -- In the footsteps of Jean Paul / Balder Neergaard -- A forgotten repertoire / Nancy Lee Harper.

Cover Art
Mendelssohn, the Organ, and the Music of the Past : constructing historical legacies - Jürgen Thym (Editor)
Call Number: ML410.M522 M5245
ISBN: 9781580464741
Publication Date: 2014-12-10
CONTENTS: Mendelssohn and the contrapuntal tradition / R. Larry Todd -- Mendelssohn and the Catholic tradition : Roman influences on his Kirchen-Musik, op. 23 and Drei Motetten, op. 39 / Siegwart Reichwald -- Mendelssohn and the legacy of Beethoven's Ninth : vocality in the "Reformation" symphony / Peter Mercer-Taylor -- Mendelssohn and the organ / Wm. A. Little -- Some observations on Mendelssohn's Bach recital / Russell Stinson -- "He ought to have a statue" : Mendelssohn, Gauntlett, and the English organ Reform / Nicholas Thistlethwaite -- Mendelssohn's Sonatas, op. 65, and the Craighead-Saunders organ at the Eastman School of Music : aspects of performance practice and context / Hans Davidsson -- The Bach tradition among the Mendelssohn ancestry / Christoph Wolff -- Music history as sermon : style, form, and narrative in Mendelssohn's "Dürer" cantata (1828) / John Michael Cooper -- Mendelssohn's "authentic" Handel in context : German approaches to translation and art and architectural restoration in the early nineteenth century / Glenn Stanley -- Beyond the ethical and aesthetic : on reconciling religious art with secular art-religion in Mendelssohn's "Lobgesang" / Benedict Taylor -- Mendelssohn's religious worlds : currents and crosscurrents of Protestantism in nineteenth-century Germany and Great Britain / Celia Applegate

Cover Art
The Lasalle Quartet : conversations with Walter Levin - Robert Spruytenburg; Richard Howe (Translator)
Call Number: ML421.L33 Sp89L
ISBN: 9781843838357
Publication Date: 2014-04-17
Contents and preview available via catalog link.

Cover Art
Chamber Music :an extensive guide for listeners - Lucy Miller Murray
Call Number: Ref. ML105.C355 M964c
ISBN: 9781442243422
Publication Date: 2015-04-09

Cover Art
Crosscurrents American and European music in interaction, 1900-2000 - Felix Meyer et al (Editor)
Call Number: ML197.C884
ISBN: 9781843839002
Publication Date: 2014-02-20
"Based on the international conference "Crosscurrents: American and European music in interaction, 1900-2000", Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA, 30 October - 1 November 2008, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany, 7-9 May 2009" CONTENTS: Keynote addresses -- Performing national identity -- Touring on the other side -- Networks of pedagogy and patronage -- Exile and emigration -- Wartime concerns -- Cultural politics in the cold war -- Technological intersections -- Institutional havens and confrontations -- Musical languages : convergences and divergences -- Questioning hierarchies, challenging boundaries -- Interviews. Steve Reich in conversation with Paul Hillier ; Betsy Jolas in conversation with Vivian Perlis

Cover Art
Laughter Between Two Revolutions : opera buffa in Italy, 1831-1848 - Francesco Izzo
Call Number: ML1733.4.Iz9L
ISBN: 9781580462938
Publication Date: 2013-12-01
CONTENTS: Opera buffa in 1832 : Luigi Ricci's Il nuovo Figaro and Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore -- The Ricci supremacy : Un'avventura di Scaramuccia (1834) -- Old librettos revisited : Gaetano Rossi and Luigi Ricci's Le nozze di Figaro (1838) and other remakes -- Genre in Donizetti's Don Pasquale (1843) -- Criticism and genre : Lauro Rossi"s Il borgomastro di Schiedam (1844) -- The daughter of the Risorgimento : Donizetti's La figlia del reggimento (1840), nationality, and censorship

Cover Art
The Partnership : Brecht, Weill, three women, and Germany on the brink - Pamela Katz
Call Number: ML410.W429 K159p
ISBN: 9780385534918
Publication Date: 2015-01-06
The first book to tell the full story of Brecht and Weill's impulsive, combustible partnership, the compelling psychological drama of one of the most important creative collaborations of the past century. It is also the first book to give full credit where it is richly due to the three women--[actresses Lotte Lenya and Helene Weigel and writer Elizabeth Hauptmann]--whose creative gifts contributed enormously to their masterworks. And it tells the thrilling and iconic story of artistic daring entwined with sexual freedom during the Weimar Republic's most fevered years, a time when art and politics and society were inextricably mixed"

Cover Art
The Musical Legacy of Wartime France - Leslie A. Sprout; Nancy Joyce Peters (Editor)
Call Number: ML270.5.Sp87mu
ISBN: 9780520275300
Publication Date: 2013-05-25
For the three forces competing for political authority in France during World War II, music became the site of a cultural battle that reflected the war itself. German occupying authorities promoted German music at the expense of French, while the Vichy administration pursued projects of national renewal through culture. Meanwhile, Resistance networks gradually formed to combat German propaganda while eyeing Vichy's efforts with suspicion. In The Musical Legacy of Wartime France, Leslie A. Sprout explores how each of these forces influenced the composition, performance, and reception of five well-known works: the secret Resistance songs of Francis Poulenc and those of Arthur Honegger; Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, composed in a German prisoner of war camp; Maurice Duruflé's Requiem, one of sixty-five pieces commissioned by Vichy between 1940 and 1944; and Igor Stravinsky's Danses concertantes, which was met at its 1945 Paris premiere with protests that prefigured the aesthetic debates of the early Cold War. Sprout examines not only how these pieces were created and disseminated during and just after the war, but also how and why we still associate these pieces with the stories we tell--in textbooks, program notes, liner notes, historical monographs, and biographies--about music, France, and World War II [Publisher description].

Cover Art
Liszt's Final Decade - Dolores Pesce
Call Number: ML410.L699 P435L
ISBN: 9781580464840
Publication Date: 2014-07-01
"Toward the end of his life Franz Liszt maintained extensive correspondence with two women who were at the time his closest confidantes, Carolyne von Sayn-Wittgenstein and Olga von Meyendorff. Liszt wrote to them regularly, expressing his intimate feelings about personal and career events and his conflicted self-image as a celebrated performer but underappreciated composer. Absent a diary, the letters offer the most direct avenue into Liszt's psyche in his final years. Liszt's Final Decade explores through these letters the mind and music of one of the nineteenth century's most popular musicians, providing insight into Liszt's melancholia in his last years and his struggle to gain recognition for his music yet avoid criticism. The exchange indicates that Liszt ultimately resolved his inner conflict through a personally constructed Christian moral philosophy that embraced positive resignation to suffering, compassionate love, and trust in a just reward to come. The book also examines how Liszt's late sacred compositions affirm the yielding of suffering to joy and hope. Significantly, Liszt viewed these works, commonly overlooked today, as a major part of his compositional legacy. This volume thus challenges the idea of a single "late" Lisztian style and the notion that despair overwhelmed the composer in his final years." -- Publisher's description

Cover Art
The Cambridge Companion to the Musical - William A. Everett (Editor); Paul R. Laird (Editor)
Call Number: ML2054.C144 Ev27 2008
ISBN: 9780521680844
Publication Date: 2008-05-22
Tracing the development of the musical on both Broadway and in London's West End, this updated Companion continues to provide a broad and thorough overview of one of the liveliest and most popular forms of musical performance. Ordered chronologically, essays cover from the American musical of the nineteenth century through to the most recent productions, and the book also includes key information on singers, audience, critical reception, and traditions. All of the chapters from the first edition remain - several in substantially updated forms - and five completely new chapters have been added, covering: ethnic musicals in the United States; the European musical; Broadway musicals in revival and on television; the most recent shows; and a case study of the creation of the popular show Wicked based on interviews with its creators. The Companion also includes an extensive bibliography and photographs from key productions



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